MT26 Wake Up Call Alarm Tabletop Clock

  • Model: M00044
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Have a habit of hitting the snooze button one too many times? Get a jump-start on your morning routine with this tabletop alarm clock. With its extra loud 95 dB alarm and LED visual ringer, this gray piece is the perfect wake up call for any deep sleeper. Made of plastic, this digital design features large numbers that are easy to read, so there's no denying the hour, while buttons and knobs below let you adjust the tone, volume, and snooze duration to suit your preferences.


  • Wake Up Call Alarm Tabletop Clock with Super Shaker. Never sleep through another alarm or telephone call again. Wake to a unique combination of extra loud sound, bright flashing camera strobe and their powerful bed shaker. You’ll fall asleep faster and wake easier with the confidence of knowing you’ll never miss another alarm or telephone call again.
  • 95 dB extra loud alarm
  • Telephone ring signaler
  • Easy to read
  • Battery back-up (not included)
  • Dimmable display
  • 12 or 24 hour display
  • Adjustable tone and volume
  • LED visual ringer indicator
  • Adjustable snooze duration from 1 to 30 minutes